Stories From the Field

Device Demonstrations

Kirk needed the right technology to work from home. Since he is blind and has arthritis, he worked with the Kansas AT Program and Kansas Rehabilitation Services to determine what technology he needed. After receiving device and software demonstrations as well as short-term loans, Kirk received a laptop with JAWS, Duxbury, and Open Book; a scanner; a smart phone with tactile markers; and a Braille Focus 40 for Braille display.

These new devices and technology have enabled Kirk to study for an exam to work as a vision specialist with rural Kansans.

Device Loans
Student Brian

A 9-year-old student, Brian, needed assistance with reading. His family contacted the Oklahoma AT Program to borrow the C-Reader Pen before purchasing it. With the use of the pen, Brian was able to read without assistance. Having this device was a big boost to his confidence. Brian is now able to read with independence and enjoy it!

Device Reutilization

Graziela, a 32-year-old elementary school teacher with spina bifida, was referred to the Puerto Rico AT program by her co-workers. She used a manual wheelchair for mobility. However, one of the casters was badly damaged, resulting in an unsafe ride. Graziela had been waiting for a new wheelchair from a local agency, but it was uncertain how much longer she would have to wait, or even if she would finally get the wheelchair at all.

Through Puerto Rico’s reuse program, Graziela received a wheelchair that met her needs at home and at school. Now she is back to teaching classes and performing her regular duties in and out of the classroom.

State Financing

In 2013, Peter experienced a stroke. As a result, it was difficult for him to move his upper and lower extremities, requiring him to use a motorized scooter. However, this option did not address all of his mobility needs. Peter was connected to the Guam AT Program, where he expressed interest in purchasing an accessible vehicle. When he met with AT staff in March 2017, he was given information on various AT options and got help applying for an Akudi Loan to help finance the purchase. When Peter’s loan was approved, he received additional assistance in purchasing an accessible van, which involved working with an off-island vendor and shipping company, with the whole process taking six months.