National Assistive Technology Act Data System

State Data Summary - Training

All States Included 2020

Training by Type of Participant
Type of Individual or Entity Participants %
Individuals with Disabilities 13,255 16.2%
Family Members, Guardians and Authorized Representatives 5,214 6.37%
Representatives of Education 21,462 26.23%
Representatives of Employment 7,301 8.92%
Rep Health, allied health, and rehabilitation 16,244 19.86%
Representatives of Community Living 7,812 9.55%
Representatives of Technology 2,529 3.09%
Unable to Categorize 7,990 9.77%
TOTAL 81,807 100%

Geographic Distribution of Participants
Metro Non Metro Unknown TOTAL
Number 50,968 21,138 9,701 81,807
% 62.3% 25.84% 11.86% 100%

Training Topics by Number of Participants
Primary Topic of Training Participants %
1. AT Products/Services:
Training focused on AT: such as instruction to increase skills and competency in using AT, and integrating AT into different settings.
37,856 46.27%
2. AT Funding/Policy/Practice:
Training focused on funding sources and related laws, policies, and procedures required to implement and deliver access to AT devices/services and related.
3,121 3.82%
3. Combination of any/all of the above -- AT Products/Services and/or AT Funding/Policy/Practice 25,113 30.7%
4. Information Technology/Telecommunication Access:
Training focused on accessible information technology and telecommunications including web access, software accessibility, procurement of accessible IT and telecommunications, etc.
8,270 10.11%
5. Transition:
Training focused on education transition (school to work or post-secondary education and Part C to Part B), community transition (institution to community living) and other transitions.
7,447 9.1%
Total 81,807 100%

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This national activity report was generated from FY19 State AT Program Annual Progress Report data from the National Assistive Technology Act Data System (NATADS). NATADS was developed with partial support from the Center for Assistive Technology Act Data Assistance.

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