National Assistive Technology Act Data System

Annual Progress Report - Full Report

North Dakota 2021

General Information

Statewide AT Program (Information to be listed in national State AT Program Directory)

State AT Program Title:
ND Assistive
State AT Program Title:
State AT Program URL
Mailing Address:
3240 15th St. S., Suite B
Zip Code:
Program Email:

Lead Agency

Agency Name:
Department of Human Services, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Mailing Address:
1000 E Divide Avenue
Zip Code:
Program URL:

Implementing Entity

Name of Implementing Agency:
ND Assistive
Mailing Address:
3240 15th St S, Suite B
Zip Code:
Program URL:

Program Director and Other Contacts

Program Director for State AT Program (last, first):
Krull, Jeannie
Program Director
Program Director at Lead Agency (last, first):
Damian Shlinger
Vocational Rehabilitation Director
Primary Contact at Implementing Agency (last, first) - If applicable:
Jeannie Krull
Program Director

Person Responsible for completing this form if other than Program Director

Name (last, first):

Certifying Representative

Name (last, first):
Damian Schlinger
Vocational Rehabilitation Director

State Financing

Did your approved state plan for this reporting period include any State Financing? Yes
Did your approved state plan for this reporting period include conducting a Financial Loan Program? Yes

Loan Applications
Area of Residence Total
RUCC 1-3
RUCC 4-9
Approved Loan made 07 02 09
Approved Not made 00 00 00
Rejected 01 00 01
Total 08 02 10

2. Income of Applicants to Whom Loans Were Made

Lowest/Highest Incomes
Lowest Income: $9,258 Highest Income: $115,000

Average Income
Sum of Incomes Loans Made Average Annual Income
$543,172 09 $60,352

Number and Percentage of Loans Made to Applicants by Income Range
Income Ranges Total
or Less
or More
Number of Loans 01 01 02 00 02 03 09
Percentage of Loans 11.11% 11.11% 22.22% 0% 22.22% 33.33% 100%

3. Loan Type

Loan Type
Type of Loan Number of Loans Percentage of loans
Revolving Loans 09 100%
Partnership Loans
Without interest buy-down or loan guarantee 00 0%
With interest buy-down only 00 0%
With loan guarantee only 00 0%
With both interest buy-down and loan guarantee 00 0%
Total 09 100%

Loan Type Summary
Type of Loan Number of Loans Dollar Value of Loans
Revolving Loans 09 $160,878
Partnership Loans 00 $0
Total 09 $160,878

4. Interest Rates

Interest Rates
Lowest 2%
Highest 2%

Interest Rate Summary
Sum of Interest Rates Number of Loans Made Average Interest Rate
18 09 2%

Number of Loans Made by Interest Rate
Interest Rate Number of loans
0.0% to 2.0% 09
2.1% to 4.0% 00
4.1% to 6.0% 00
6.1% to 8.0% 00
8.1% - 10.0% 00
10.1%-12.0% 00
12.1%-14.0% 00
14.1% + 00
Total 09

5. Types and Dollar Amounts of AT Financed

Types and Dollar Amounts of AT Financed
Type of AT Number of Devices Financed Dollar Value of Loans
Vision 00 $0
Hearing 00 $0
Speech communication 00 $0
Learning, cognition, and developmental 00 $0
Mobility, seating and positioning 00 $0
Daily living 00 $0
Environmental adaptations 02 $53,309
Vehicle modification and transportation 07 $107,569
Computers and related 00 $0
Recreation, sports, and leisure 00 $0
Total 09 $160,878

6. Defaults

Number Loans in default 00
Net loss for loans in default $0

B. State Financing Activities that provide consumers with resources and services that result in the acquisition of AT devices and services

1. Overview of Activities Performed

How many other state financing activities that provide consumers with access to funds for the purchase of AT devices and services were included in your approved state plan? 1
Activity 1
How would you describe this state financing activity?Last resort - Activity

2. Geographic Distribution, Number of Individuals Who Acquired AT Devices and Services and Number for whom Performance Measure Data are Collected

County of ResidenceIndividuals Served
A. Metro (RUCC 1-3)14
B. Non-Metro (RUCC 4-9)12
C. Total Served26

Performance Measure
D. Excluded from Performance Measure0
E. Number of Individuals Included in Performance Measures26

If a number is reported in D you must provide a description of the reason the individuals are excluded from the performance measure:

3. Types and Dollar Amounts of AT Funded

Type of AT Device / ServiceNumber of Devices
Value of
AT Provided
Vision 96540.00
Hearing 00.00
Speech communication00.00
Learning, cognition, and developmental 00.00
Mobility, seating and positioning45300.00
Daily living 224361.00
Environmental adaptations188679.00
Vehicle modification and transportation 00.00
Computers and related 133447.00
Recreation, sports, and leisure00.00

C. State Financing Activities that Allow Consumers to Obtain AT at Reduced Cost

1. Overview of Activities Performed

How many state financing activities that allow consumers to obtain AT at a reduced cost were included in your approved state plan? 0

D. Anecdote

A young man with Cerebral Palsy who uses an iPad for his phone and for video communications needed a mount that he could swing away when not in use and also to make the iPad more accessible to him. After a successful demonstration and loan, the man tried to obtain the mount through other funding sources and was turned down. He applied for the ND Assistive Possibilities Grant, a last resort funding program, and was approved. The man had this to say about his experience: “I think you do great stuff. I can’t thank you enough. The iPad and mount system you helped me get is awesome. When I have meetings it’s so valuable because I can’t hold my iPad. If I didn’t have the mount, I wouldn’t be able to use it at all the meetings I attend. I want to help you guys any way I can because you do such great things.”

Man in a wheelchair using an iPad, Same Man with Mount'n'Mover
Impact Area

The mother of an adult daughter with Cerebral Palsy sought out the ND Assistive Financial Loan Program to purchase a new modified van to provide transportation to wherever their hearts desire. This family used the ND Assistive loan program over a decade ago to purchase a van, which served them well for a long time. She stated, “Our family is very grateful for the loan program. It’s an easy, straightforward process and at a low-interest rate. The team at ND Assistive was very helpful and shared in our excitement about being able to purchase a newer, wheelchair-accessible van for our daughter. This is our second time using the loan program and would recommend it to anyone who needs to purchase assistive technology equipment.”