National Assistive Technology Act Data System

Annual Progress Report - Full Report

Idaho 2019

General Information

Statewide AT Program (Information to be listed in national State AT Program Directory)

State AT Program Title:
Idaho Assistive Technology Project
State AT Program Title:
State AT Program URL
Mailing Address:
1187 Alturas Dr
Zip Code:
Program Email:

Lead Agency

Agency Name:
University of Idaho
Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Dr
Zip Code:
Program URL:

Implementing Entity

Name of Implementing Agency:
Mailing Address:
Zip Code:
Program URL:

Program Director and Other Contacts

Program Director for State AT Program (last, first):
Carson, Janice
Program Director
Program Director at Lead Agency (last, first):
Shaver, Deborah
Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
Primary Contact at Implementing Agency (last, first) - If applicable:

Person Responsible for completing this form if other than Program Director

Name (last, first):
House, Susan
Program Specialist

Certifying Representative

Name (last, first):
Shaver, Deborah
Director, Office of Sponsored Programs

State Financing

Did your approved state plan for this reporting period include any State Financing? Yes
Did your approved state plan for this reporting period include conducting a Financial Loan Program? Yes

Loan Applications
Area of Residence Total
RUCC 1-3
RUCC 4-9
Approved Loan made 16 13 29
Approved Not made 02 00 02
Rejected 11 01 12
Total 29 14 43

2. Income of Applicants to Whom Loans Were Made

Lowest/Highest Incomes
Lowest Income: $10,000 Highest Income: $143,032

Average Income
Sum of Incomes Loans Made Average Annual Income
$1,195,715 29 $41,232

Number and Percentage of Loans Made to Applicants by Income Range
Income Ranges Total
or Less
or More
Number of Loans 02 08 06 11 01 01 29
Percentage of Loans 6.9% 27.59% 20.69% 37.93% 3.45% 3.45% 100%

3. Loan Type

Loan Type
Type of Loan Number of Loans Percentage of loans
Revolving Loans 00 0%
Partnership Loans
Without interest buy-down or loan guarantee 21 72.41%
With interest buy-down only 00 0%
With loan guarantee only 08 27.59%
With both interest buy-down and loan guarantee 00 0%
Total 29 100%

Loan Type Summary
Type of Loan Number of Loans Dollar Value of Loans
Revolving Loans 00 $0
Partnership Loans 29 $138,921
Total 29 $138,921

4. Interest Rates

Interest Rates
Lowest 5%
Highest 6%

Interest Rate Summary
Sum of Interest Rates Number of Loans Made Average Interest Rate
156 29 5.37931034482759%

Number of Loans Made by Interest Rate
Interest Rate Number of loans
0.0% to 2.0% 00
2.1% to 4.0% 00
4.1% to 6.0% 28
6.1% to 8.0% 01
8.1% - 10.0% 00
10.1%-12.0% 00
12.1%-14.0% 00
14.1% + 00
Total 29

5. Types and Dollar Amounts of AT Financed

Types and Dollar Amounts of AT Financed
Type of AT Number of Devices Financed Dollar Value of Loans
Vision 00 $0
Hearing 25 $114,060
Speech communication 00 $0
Learning, cognition, and developmental 00 $0
Mobility, seating and positioning 01 $1,589
Daily living 00 $0
Environmental adaptations 00 $0
Vehicle modification and transportation 03 $23,272
Computers and related 00 $0
Recreation, sports, and leisure 00 $0
Total 29 $138,921

6. Defaults

Number Loans in default 00
Net loss for loans in default $0

B. State Financing Activities that provide consumers with resources and services that result in the acquisition of AT devices and services

1. Overview of Activities Performed

How many other state financing activities that provide consumers with access to funds for the purchase of AT devices and services were included in your approved state plan? 00

C. State Financing Activities that Allow Consumers to Obtain AT at Reduced Cost

1. Overview of Activities Performed

How many state financing activities that allow consumers to obtain AT at a reduced cost were included in your approved state plan? 00

D. Anecdote

Ken needed a loan for a swing-out scooter lift for his vehicle. He has degenerative joint disease that necessitated 5 surgeries in two years. The hospital bills overwhelmed him two years ago and his credit suffered. He has shown good fiscal responsibility in every other area and is paying off past debts to rebuild his credit. Ken is having another back surgery soon and needs the scooter to remain mobile. He was thrilled when were able to guarantee the loan for him in time for him to have the lift installed and ready by the time he is discharged from the hospital. This loan also represents a new connection for us with a mobility vendor from whom we hope to receive more applications in the future.

Man and woman standing at back of a vehicle with a scooter lift.
Impact Area

In September we were approached by the mother of an adult son, Ben, who had just returned home from months in the hospital following amputation of all four limbs. Ben needed an accessible van that could transport him in his wheelchair to the doctor and other appointments. They had arranged for half the funding through their credit union and were able to fund the remainder through our program. The loan required extensive communication and collaboration between the consumer, the AT Project, the vendor, the bank, and the credit union. In addition to our loan, Krista provided information to Ben and his mother on resources for transition to independent living, in-home care, funding for accessible home improvements, switch access, and self-advocacy and support. Ben’s mother says, “I wanted to let you know how much your assistance meant to us, at a time when we didn't know what assistance was available or where to turn, you were there to throw us a lifeline. Thank you.”